For the La Jolla Playhouse "WithOutWalls 2015 Festival," the tremendously popular The Car Plays returns with a new twist. The event will again feature a series of intimate 10-minute plays, each taking place in a car, where audiences of two move from vehicle to vehicle to experience works by different playwrights. Typically, each play in a line of five cars tells a different story, unrelated to the others in the row, but with The Car Plays: Interchange, the five plays will share a common storyline and characters. 


“Moving Arts' The Car Plays was among the high-lights of all San Diego theater ... The Playhouse has smartly brought it back for WOW.  This “Without Walls” outing served up intimate theater to say the least.  Audience members, two at a time, were shuttled from one parked car to another and treated to 10-minute scenes staged inside that vehicle. Some were absurdly funny, others desperate or melancholy — but no lemons in the bunch.  It was theater at its purest and most inventive.  The Car Plays alone is worth the price of admission to the festival. Don't miss WithOutWalls!”  

                                                       - San Diego City Beat



“Outstanding Special Event of 2013”  

                                   - San Diego Theatre Critics Circle

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