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"It's a safe bet to say that Paul has seen and worked on more solo shows than anyone else on the planet today.  He is a walking encyclopedia of experience and I turn to him frequently for consultation on my own work."   

   -- Chris Leavins: Cute With Chris; Todd and the Book of Pure Evil  (Canadian Gemini Award)

"Paul Stein's workshop was revolutionary in my thinking about the many different ways that solo shows could be constructed.  It is clear he has acquired a ton of knowledge from his career of observing and directing solo shows.

He uses language and techniques that are clear and specific and that instantly garner results.  Since his workshop I am constantly finding myself quoting him and out right stealing his ideas to make my clients and my own solo performance more effective, and consequently more artful and entertaining."

 -- W. Kamau Bell: Totally Biased With Kamau Bell  (FX Network)

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